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O-L Unsolved Topical History Paper 1 (S15-W22)

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  • Grade: O Level
  • Type: Unsolved Topical with Mark Scheme
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O Level Unsolved Topical History (2059) Paper 1 provides an opportunity to candidates to practice topic wise questions from previous years to the latest. Extensive working of Team MS Books has tried to take this booklet to perfection by collaborating with top of the line teachers.

We have added answer key / marks scheme at the end of each topic for the candidate to compare the his/her answer to the best.

MS Books strives to maintain actual spacing between consecutive questions and within options as per CAIE format which gives students a more realistic feel of attempting question.


Content Table

-  Decline of Mughals Rule

-  East India Company

-  War of Independence 1857

-  Reformers

-  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

-  Languages

-  Partition of Bengal

-  Foundation of Muslim League

-  Montague-Chelmsford Reforms 1909

-  Lucknow Pact 1916

-  Khilafat Movement 1919

-  Simon Commission

-  Nehru Report

-  Points of Mr Jinnah

-  Round Table Conference

-  Govt of 1935 Act

-  1937 Elections

-  Indian National Congress Rule

-  Dr Allama Iqbal Ch Rehmat Ali

-  Pakistan Lahore Resolution

-  Cripps Mission

-  Gandhi Jinnah Talks

-  Quit India Resolution

-  Cabinet Mission Plan

-  Problems of Partition Jinnah & Gandhi

-  Early Leaders Pak Politician

-  Ayub Khan`s

-  Separation of e-Pakistan

-  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

-  Zia-ul-Haq

-  Benazir Bhutto

-  Nawaz Sharif Face as Prime

-  General Musharraf

-  Foreign Relations

Teacher Profile

Awais Bhatti

Mr. Awais Bhatti