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O Level History Notes by Dr. Usman Hameed

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  • Grade: O Level
  • Type: Notes
  • Author: Dr. Usman Hameed

The past events of a country is said to be its history which is a priceless heritage of a nation.

The  history  of  Pakistan  is  as  old  as  India  itself, for  Pakistan  was  its  integral  part  before  1947.

The freedom movement pioneered by the Hindu and Muslim leaders of India against the British Yoke led to the establishment of India and Pakistan.

I have narrated all those important historical events that led to the creation of Pakistan and its different historical periods to date, keeping in view the syllabus of the latest Cambridge O level 2059 and also complying with the specifications of the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus 0448.

I thought of writing this book about 15 years ago when I was a teacher of Pakistan Studies at Aitchison College Lahore. Throughout the years I could not find a single book which could fulfill the thirst of  a  student  and  support  them  in  gaining  good  score.  I  have  taught  in  the  best renowned schools of Lahore and always felt to fill this vacuum by writing a book on History and Geography.

Besides my teaching I completed my PHD and I had a wonderful experience of visiting British library for completing my task. Sitting in libraries for long hours to prepare my lessons, I came across  many  problems related  to  Pakistan  studies.  One  of  them  was  scarcity  and  dearth  of relevant material,  varied  and  contradictory  information  added  further  complications.

It  seemed that the study of Pak Studies is a neglected subject and no one has made a serious attempt to make this subject interesting, easy competitive for the syllabus.

In my 15 years of teaching career I found student shaky and tensed in learning and preparing this subject. Even after a lot of hard work, most of the students could not get the aspired results.

Reason  was  very  obvious.  Relevant material  and  Content  even  in  the  Cambridge  endorsed books are not according to Cambridge examination. I believe that besides imparting knowledge amount the  pupil,  they  must  be  prepared  according  to  their  examination.  Good  grades  are certainly very important and we have to keep this reality while preparing this subject.

This book covers both the components of Pak Studies (History and Geography). Entire syllabus

is properly addressed.

Detailed  study  of  the  physical  environment  of  Pakistan  with  reference  to  the  topographical features and other natural resources are given. Relationship between physical environment and the  human  activities  are  provided.  Past  papers  questions  and  marking  schemes  are  also included.  All  relevant  maps,  photographs,  pictures,  figures,  dates  and  graphs  are  properly added.

I must acknowledge the help and guidance offered to me by MS Books.

Teacher Profile

Dr.Usman Hameed

Dr.Usman Hameed is a teacher, an educationist and a motivational speaker.He has been teaching for the last seventeen years and providing his services in renowned institutions including Lahore Grammar School (LGS), International School Lahore (ISL), Roots IVY, Beacon house School System, The City School and Aitchison. He enjoys teaching to the core and wishes to continue with the same enthusiasm. He has taught more than 15,000 students and they have grown as doctors, lawyers, engineers and consultants. One of his students M. Mustafa topped in Pakistan in O level in World History in 2016 and another student Mahtab Azmat topped in 2019.One of his best works is on Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan. He achieved an MPhil degree in it from GCU and then worked on Pakistan Turkey relations, spent time for his research at Royal Holloway University of London and earned a PhD degree from the University of Punjab. His books on the History and culture of Pakistan and the environment of Pakistan are available in the all the book stores of Pakistan.Besides that within a short span of 12 months, eight of his research works have been published in different journals. Some more researches done by him are to be published on various platforms soon. He is good at giving lectures, managing institutions with patience as well as answering questions for students and handling staff members.He is an effective instructor with a knack for making complex concepts easily understandable. His presentation style and speaking voice are clear, concise and to the point. He is an approachable and a friendly individual with extensive knowledge in the field of administration. His knowledge, technical skills and personal characteristics are acknowledgeable and up to the mark