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O Level Geography Notes by Dr. Iftikhar ul Haq

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  • Grade: O Level
  • Type: Notes
  • Author: Dr. Iftikhar ul Haq

My “ O Level Notes on Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies “ are the result of my rich teaching experience, my constant interaction with the CIE and  the results of my brilliant students many of whom managed to be enlisted among the HIGH ACHIEVERS/DISTINCTION HOLDERS  in both the  subjects.  These  notes  will  be  updated  every  year  in  view  of  the  changes  in  the  style  and content of the questions in the CIE examinations. Soon some sort of “ Practice Books” will also be published to make these subjects as interesting as possible.

Almost all the topics have been covered in Question-Answer format so that students may not only learn  these  answers  but  also  feel  their  thinking  skills  stimulated  that  will  induce  curiosity  and minimize the element of rote learning.

When students are capable of “making “new questions, I feel my mission accomplished.

Students as well as teachers should feel free in contacting me as and when required.

Wishing all my students best and praying for their excellent grades.

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Dr. Iftikhar-ul-Haq