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O Level Economics Notes By Zubair Hussain

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  • Grade: O Level
  • Type: Notes
  • Author: Zubair Hussain

My  economics,  Guidebook had  been  helping  the  Cambridge  O  level  students  since 2016.

Cambridge has revised the syllabus of O Level Economics in 2023, I realized that no  single  O  level  economics  book  available  in  the  domestic  markets  covered  the  all topics required by the CAIE syllabus. CAIE questions demand a variety of higher under skills  like  application,  analysis  and  evaluation.  This  guide  book,  which  is  concise  and comprehensive,  emphasizes  the  skills  Cambridge  examiner  look  for  and  help  the students write better developed answer.  This guide book helping students to attain full grasp on syllabus and preparing them for paper 1 and paper 2. My guide book divided into  six  units according  to  the  CAIE  syllabus  and  the  further  subdivided  into  different topics with a separate chapter.

I am delighted to present my guide book, which is complete accordance with the revised O  Level Economics  syllabus  for  2023,  2024  and  2025.  I  hope  my  readers  will  satisfy with the content that have been offer them and look forward for their feedback.

Teacher Profile

Zubair hussain

Mr. Zubair Hussain is a O/A level Economics teacher and an educationist. He holds the degree in Economics, MSc Business Economics. He has been teaching since last 12 years in the renowned institutions including Lahore Grammar School (LGS), Beaconhouse school system (BSS) and Lahore Lyceum. He has shown his commitment towards teaching with passion and energy. He enjoys teaching and shows devotion with his professional career. Many of his students qualified into foreign universities successfully under his guidance. His books on Economics (O/A) are available in the renowned book stores of Pakistan. He is a dedicated teacher with excellent communication skills and has command over speaking skills through clarity of voice. His knowledge, characteristics are acknowledgeable and up to the mark.