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O Level Biology Notes by Hamza Fayyaz

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  • Grade: O Level
  • Type: O Level Notes
  • Author: Hamza Fayyaz

Dear  students!  A  number  of  texts  and  solutions  are  in  the  market  which  seem  helpful  in  the examination.  In  the  preparation  of  this  book,  I  considered  some  very  important  points  which  rarely found.  These  features  are  resultant  of  many  years  experience  and  series  of  discussions  with  the students regarding their difficulties in the subject.

  • After completing  each  topic,  a  student  usually  has  a  blurred  idea  about    When  student undergoes the practice tests, the fog settles down and concepts become crystal clear. The best part for  the  practice  is  examination  questions.  If  these  questions  are  randomly  picked  in  the beginning, student faces some difficult question of the topic at start, the ideas in his mind are jumbled and even an easy topic becomes so hard that sometimes it becomes amazing for an experienced teacher.

Questions are carefully selected and sequenced in the ascending order of difficulty so students get  gradually  strong  in  the  concept  of  topic.  It  is  a  dire  need  to  make  students  feel  easy  at topic.

  • Presentation matters a lot. Some students get confused by the change of format even if they have come across the same question which they have attempted already. The same format is chosen  which  the  students  will  face  in  their  final  examination  so  that  they  get  familiar  with the examination conditions.

  • Solutions to the problems are presented in a way that ensures the scoring of A+ These solutions are  written  after  careful  study  and  in  the  light  of  CIE  marking  schemes  and examiner reports.

  • Calculations, formulae, appropriate number of significant figures, diagrams and presentation will be strongly helpful for students.

  • After doing two/three questions from each topic, students find no difficulty in solving the next questions and that is the main goal. Students must be able to answer accurately, confidently and independently.