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AL Unsolved Topical Chemistry P2 (s15-w22)

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  • Grade: A Level
  • Type: Unolved Topical Past Papers
  • Author: Muhammad Ali

A Level Unsolved Topical Chemistry (9701) Paper 2 provides an opportunity to candidates to practice topic wise questions from previous years to the latest. Extensive working of Team MS Books has tried to take this booklet to perfection by collaborating with top of the line teachers.

We have added answer key / marks scheme at the end of each topic for the candidate to compare the his/her answer to the best.

MS Books strives to maintain actual spacing between consecutive questions and within options as per CAIE format which gives students a more realistic feel of attempting question.


Content Table

-  Atoms, Molecules & Stoichiometry

-  Particles in the Atoms

-  The Nucleus of the Atom

-  Electronic Configuration & Ionisation Energy

-  Chemical Bonding

-  States of Matter

-  Chemical Energetics

-  Chemical Equilibria

-  Ionic Equilibria

-  Reaction Kinetics

-  Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Catalysts

-  The Periodic Table: Chemical Periodicity

-  Periodicity of Chemical Properties

-  Group 2

-  Group 17

-  Reactions of the Halide Ions

-  Reactions of Chlorine

-  Nitrogen

-  Sulfur

-  Isomerism: Structural & Stereoisomerism

-  Alkane

-  Alkenes

-  Halogen Derivatives

-  Alcohols

-  Carbonyl Compounds

-  Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives

-  Infra-Red Spectroscopy

   Interesting Questions:

-  Inorganic (Period 3)

-  Physical Chemistry

-  Organic Chemistry

Teacher Profile

Mohammad Ali